Hi, my name is Brian Matthews. I am a professional Irish gardener based in Dublin.

Laelia Milleri

I have 20 years experience in Ireland nurturing privately owned gardens of all sizes, working on projects such as entries in Ireland's Bloom Festival, gaining a Diploma in Amenity Horticulture from the Irish National Botanic Gardens, Certification from The Royal Horticultural Society (UK), hold a CDVEC/FETAC Amenity Horticulture certificate from Pearse College, and I am also a Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland member.

It would be my honour to help you easily understand topics such as pruning plants, sowing seeds, propagation, plant ID, and the right plants to suit the soil & light your garden has to offer.

Although there might be some occasional digging in your own garden, once you learn some techniques, your garden will reward you many times over. Plus, there might be some juicy tomatoes along the way!

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